Finding your next apartment will take you 15 minutes

Brontide.Locating is our answer to the apartment hunt. This entire Department is dedicated solely to helping our clientele find exactly what they're looking for with minimal interaction. This FREE Service is everything you need for your busy life. Within the first interaction, we will ask all of the necessary questions to narrow a search to find you exactly what your want.

how it works

  1. You reach out! Call or Text: 817-266-8451

  2. We get to know you and provide you with a search catered to exactly what your lifestyle is about.

  3. We go tour some of the amazing apartments and rental homes that Dallas has to offer.

  4. when you apply and it asks for who referred you, you simply write down our name.

  5. We celebrate you, your new home, and the end of a successful search!

  6. you tell your friends about us

how is it free?

  • Apartment Complexes will pay us for providing them with perfect tenants, which is exactly what you are.

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