\ ˈbrän‧ˌtīd \

(n.) a low rumble of distant thunder

At Brontide, we run with the future in mind, knowing that the best is yet to come. We also believe that your home should be something that is just as sweet now as the greatness that’s ahead of you.
— Jansen Klefeker, Founder


"Jansen is incredible to work with. He genuinely cares about his clients and works hard for them.Whether you are buying a house, or just looking for a new apartment, Jansen is the guy you want in your corner."

-Taylor Sanchez


"Nothing but incredible things to say– Jansen is extremely thorough, very detail-oriented, a fantastic communicator, intentionally prudent for himself and for others, and a constant joy to be around. Working with his entrepreneurial guidance will never leave you short-handed. It is a pleasure to work with Jansen, always learning new things along the way. I always look forward to doing so."

-Sarra Herring



Meet our founder

Jansen Klefeker is passionate about People. From studying Marketing at the University of North Texas to studying under a Master Sommelier to pursue his passion for wine, Jansen has had two underlying currents that drive him:

Excellence in All Things & Serving People. 

The culmination of those two forces propelled him to pursue Real Estate with the hope of delivering unparalleled service in an overwhelmed market and keeping his eyes on the details. For Jansen, real estate is an avenue for him to help people find Home.